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I was invited to attend the bachelorette party for the beautiful Monica that is seen above. It was about three guys and three bajillion girls. It was such a great time and I got to meet a lot of great people. See all those cupcakes above? I roundhouse kicked everyone in the face to eat every single one of them. Ok, this is a lie, but I was definitely considering it. I only ate like 4……

So. Obese.

I am officially a fan of Lime. Its a great place, even when I don’t have a Mimosa in my hand.

I stopped two scary looking lesbians to take this picture. Also, this picture could make any shoe fashionista’s head explode.

Bottle service always seems like a good idea.

The above picture proves that it was not. Ugh.

It is blurry because of the light…yes, thats it…The light.

I think they decided on a gay club because they knew they would be hit on all night if they didn’t. I couldn’t imagine going with all these girls to the douchelord land that is the Marina district.

Oh and when they played the following song, I went crazy:


Smooch Attack
Our very own Alex has started Graduate school now in something smarty and important that involves hard stuff like science and thinking. This also marks the debut of Kelly, Elieen and J, three other of his fellow graduate classmates. Now what do you get when you put four graduate students from one of the top ranked public health schools in the country? Drunks….. Click below for more pics of course.

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Yup, its officially been 500 posts on this here blog thingy. Thats. CRAZY. Although I should do something special for this post, I am not going to. Instead I am going to do what I do best, and EMBARRASS people. and who better to humiliate than my sister, who turns 16 today!!!
It was only a year ago that she was getting spoiled beyond belief with a party to end all parties. But its ok, I am over my jealousy now. Its funny how so many things have changed in the past year. I used to struggle to identify with my sister, but now she is the only one I can trust and turn too.

Love you Cynthia!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. As a tribute, here is a video of you singing Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way (apologies to Andrea, Maribel, Oliver, Danny and Angela who are also involved).

Jen, don’t think that you can’t get away with my embarrassing photo post for birthdays. Happy Birthday!!!
Actually this picture is just embarrassing for everybody.