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There were SO many pictures taken that night. So much that my flickr account almost exploded trying to upload them all. I refuse to post them all on here, since there are like 200, but I have posted some of my favorites.
You can see the set if you click HERE.

It was one of the funnest Belltown nights EVAR.
The pictures after the link…with the help of some BEP.

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Tuk Tuk Drinking
And this is how it ends.
On the back of a Tuk Tuk.
Drinking beer.
After an infamous “ping pong” show.

So much to blog about still.
So many memories.
So many stories.
So many friends.
It’s been the most incredible experience so far, and it’s not over.
Africa. Here I come.

(P.S. – If you want to hear a funny story involving these key words: Greg, Patpong, Banana. Please let me know and I shall tell you).

Aubrey Celebrates
Friday night was Aubrey’s second going away party before she moved down to Florida with the old people and hurricanes. Beer Pong, Keg Stands, Jello & Pudding Shots were all contributers. During the party someone walked around with a hammer hitting people in the head…This is not true, but I am sure many of us felt like this did happen the next morning.
Jen: I look like that in a lot of my pictures actually.
Gabe: Pretty….
More pictures after the jump.

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KFC Chinese Packet
After trekking through The Forbidden City, we decided to find a place to eat and head back to the hotel so we could shower pollution off of us. We had some trouble finding a cab and after we managed to get one we decided to just go back and eat around our hotel….at KFC baby. Later that night, we went over to Houhai lake, which is a very well known area full oh restaurants and bars. There is actually a restaurant called Sex in Da City…no Joke. Unfortunately, Deborah pissed off Buddha and got her sick and decided to throw a monsoon on her as well. After dropping Deborah back off at the hotel, Justin and I headed over to Wangfujing to have some beers outside. Where I proceeded to call my parents at 5 a.m. their time. Whoops. Read More