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Katherine and Greg are engaged. I repeat. Katherine and Greg are engaged!!!!!!!! These two are incredible. Why? Mostly because I traveled with them throughout most of Southeast Asia and we didn’t kill each other. More proof that I am blessed with amazing friends.

There is probably no man in the universe that is nicer than Greg.


Katherine and I have known each other since freshman year of college and the memories I have with that girl would take up an entire book. So could the quotes and the amount of fun we made fun of each other.  We grew so close over time that I would actually go visit her in ALASKA. I am so happy for her.

Best Day Ever!!

And because I am so close to these two, I am allowed to post pictures like the following:



(FYI…I was with Niamh when we both got the news and we took a “this is how excited we are” picture, but I think that picture deserves its own post in the future)


Fallon is right, it had one of the greatest opening songs of all time. This post is really for ANDREA because she is the only one that will understand the awesomeness that is THIS.

Don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming.

Just let me lay here in the sun, until my dream is done.

It may be late, and I may be semi-buzzed, but I don’t care if you don’t understand how this clip made my entire month.

I almost cried.

Thank you Jimmy Fallon.

This could be because this was the theme song that was in my mind when I moved to California.

It was in my second year of advanced Italian at the University of Washington. We were assigned into groups of three to write and perform our own skits, which had to be close to ten minutes long. In a language class, ten minutes is FOREVER. I was paired up with Ara, a close friend of mine, and another girl named Jovanna. We were a pretty funny group, two Koreans and a Mexican doing a skit in Italian. Jovanna’s parents owned a bubble tea cafe on University, so we almost met there to practice and study, plus we always got free bubble tea.

Our skit consisted of us practicing for a musical, or something of that matter, and that I was a very judgmental director. Jovanna had explained that she had some singing ability so she would perform a small song. At the end of the song, I was supposed to yell that her skill was crap and throw some sort of tantrum (we weren’t exactly screenwriters). During our practices, she would always say “this is where I sing” and we would just skip over to the next scene. She never actually rehearsed herself singing.

Well, it got to the day of the skit and we were doing a really good job. When her part was coming up, she prepared her music on her laptop and got ready. We really thought we was going to sing a little snippet of some well known Italian song. Well, she did sing a well known song, but we did NOT expect what happened next. She sang the following:

She even hit that high note at 3 minutes.
The whole class had their jaws on the floor.
Our Italian teacher was in tears.
Ara and I froze not knowing what to do next. I took me what seemed like an eternity to finally compose myself and actually tell her that she sucked. It worked well with the skit, since it made it really funny, but that wasn’t really our intention.

I am pretty sure at the end of the skit, both Ara and I turned to Jovanna and at the same time just yelled “HOLY SHIT!”

I was telling Mar this story the other day and decided that I wanted to share it. It was one of my favorite moments in any class ever, plus we got an A.

Now, you are probably wondering why I posted this commercial. Is it because I love Pepsi? No. Is it because I care about the planet? Maybe. Is it because Tfaith’s fiance is in the commercial? Hell F*cking Yeah!!!!! If you want to know who it is, about 7 seconds into the commercial, at the bottom right hand of the grid, the girl that is holding the sign for “people”.

My South African BFF will soon be famous. I love her smile! She is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you guys in June!

She is also in a beer commercial for Windhoek.

She is the girl being pointed at, about 13 seconds in. AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Here we go. Once again we have another year zooming by, but unlike other years, when I look back at this one I think “HOLY F*CKING SH*T!!!!” To me, it seems like so many people around me are more than ready to say goodbye to the year 2009. I can truly honestly say that I don’t share that sentiment in the slightest. It is hard to explain why without making me sound like I am boasting, but I am going to do it anyway.

This time.
I’ll have no fear.
I’ll be standing strong and tall.

I rang the New Year with some great friends
Another Group Pic

I backpacked Southeast Asia

Lighthouse orphanage - Group Pic
I still can’t believe the awesomeness that was this trip. I started the trip with two amazing friends and ended up with even more wonderful friends. From the 14 hours bus rides, the two day boat journey down the Mekong, the sickness, the craziness that is Bangkok, floating the Viang Vieng river, crashing a motorcycle in Laos, eating amazing food in Vietnam, meeting the most wonderful people in Cambodia, exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat and relaxing on the beautiful islands of Thailand. So. Incredibly. Amazing.

I spent a month in Africa
1 - Table Mountain Victory
Spending time with one of my best friends Tfaith, meeting and becoming secret lovers with his future wife, conquering Table Mountain, camping the Garden Route with a backpack and a blanket, conquering pickpockets and scary alleyways, introducing South Africa to power hour and having my life changed in a small township outside Cape Town. Africa…..there are no words to how incredible it was.

I surprised my best friend in NYC for her birthday

I raced for the cure

I saw Britney Spears with future awesome doctors
Big Bang

This time.
I’ll be sailing.
No more bailing boats for me.
Ill be out here on the sea.
Just my confidence and me.

I saw my oldest friend accomplish awesomeness

I did an epic road trip with the most amazing person – Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Hell, Tucson.
Colorful Doors Lead to A Colorful History

I spent the most amazing summer EVER in Seattle

I moved to San Francisco
[119-365] Just Another Manic Monday

I went to Puerto Vallarta for the most epic Bachelor Party of All Time (seriously) with the coolest guys of ALL TIME


Did some wine touring

I had my first professional shoot
Blog 1

I saw two of my best and closest friends marry each other

My mind is blown away by this year. Exploring San Francisco, visiting Omid in Houston, Jordan’s Bachelor Party in Phoenix, seeing my sister dance, Halloween in the Castro, Stanford games with Niamh, Fourth of July in Seattle, San Antonio Debauchery, Atlanta Debauchery, New York Debauchery, Jumbo Margaritas with Brian, conquering the world with Deborah, crazy adventures with Micah, seeing my sister dance. I know I am forgetting so much, but that is good because there was just THAT much that happened in 2009. Thank GOD for picture sets to remind me forever.

e la vita la vita si fa grande così…….e comincia domani

It was the year I decided to follow my dreams, and most importantly I did it finally being myself.

I guess I am scared to ring in the New Year because it is going to be really hard trying to top this last one. But you know, its going to be one hell of a fun time trying.


…and if the world decides to catch up with me, it’s a little victory. – Matt Nathanson