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I miss Deborah and her silliness.
Like how she made me post something about her.
I instantly told her she would regret it.

China seems so long ago.
Such a great trip.
Lets go Back!


Very cruel…….Some people just don.t care for that kind of ride – Omid


Zhujiaqiao River
FINALLY I get to the wedding pictures, and the main reason we went to China, that family and friends have been waiting to see. Actually, probably no one was waiting to see them, but I like to pretend that I am popular and famous and my blog is number one. I am not even going to try to write at how awesome the wedding was, because it would take me too long to express that in written form. It was amazing to see. Simple as that. I will let the pictures do the rest. More pictures (thanks to Justin) after the link below.

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Japanese Hot Pot
Deborah’s brother took the family and us to Beef Hot Pot at this Japanese restaurant in Shanghai one night. They bring you UNLIMITED meat. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but cupcakes weren’t surrounding me so I knew I was still alive.
Justin, Shih Hung and I kinda had a little competition going on. Who could last the longest just eating meat. It was going well, until Yu-Dan decided that we were fat enough and ordered the check so we could stop eating.
I am sure I could have eaten all the beef in the restaurant.
So. Delicious.
So. Fat.

They day before the wedding we had to be Deborah-less, since she had to go spend the whole day taking pictures, making preparations, visiting the site of the wedding, and fighting to the death (via yelling matches) with her whole family.
So sad we missed it………
Anywho, Justin, Pam, Frank and I decided to take the day and explore Shanghai.

Site of First Communist Party
Yay Communism!!!!!

Pondering the Streets of Shanghai
Taking a little break. See that little girl in the background? She was actually waiting to pounce on Pam and take stuff from her backpack.

Frank Exercising Outside
They have these small parks all over the place. I named them “Old People Don’t Want To Die Parks.” Why? They are occupied by people that are only 170 years or older and they have exercise machines all over the place so they can stay healthy. Frank decided to participate.

Frank Enjoys the Expensive Beer
We went to this really fancy area where there were expensive ass shops (yes I bought stuff) and huge beers that cost a gajillion dollars. I actually had one with Sprite and Beer mixed together. It was amazingly awesome. Justin and I also ran into two girls from London that we met on our Great Wall of China tour in Beijing. Small China World.

Shanghai Streets
I LOVE the bamboo scaffolding.

Shanghai Streets
No. that is NOT Joe Hsu in the picture.

Deborah had told us that we were not invited to the rehearsal dinner, since it was only reserved for family. Well this is what she initially thought. The four of us had found this one bar geared solely toward ex-pats. We were well into our 4th beer when we decided to call Deborah and it was a good thing we did. Apparently we DID have to go to the rehearsal dinner. Deborah had told her Mom that we weren’t coming, and Mom freaked out and pretty much yelled at Deborah until she told us we had to go to dinner. Luckily it was close by.
So we arrived in shorts, backpacks, sweaty and smelled like beer.
Everyone was dressed really nice.
I hate Deborah.

Delicious Crab
The next post will FINALLY be pictures of the wedding.
Site of Wedding