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My sister’s present was probably a lot better than yours this year.
The stares we get while driving anywhere… awesome.

Also, 100 dollar raffles should now be a staple at every family Christmas get together.

Right now I need to find a plastic surgeon to suck out all this fat I have been eating.


My Christmas Onesie

You know it was a good party when you arrive in an awesome onesie.
It was great to see old friends. Good job Chris, that makes two out of two for wine party awesomeness.

Sorry I have been lacking on the posts.

I have been SUPER busy actually.
Photoshoots, Last minute shopping, getting fat, etc.

Ill try to update more soon.

While I haven’t officially lived where I grew up since 2002, it always enjoy going back home to visit. My family and the friends I grew up with are there. I always say I will never return to live there, and still do, but there was always a comfort knowing I was returning to that certain….familiarity (not sure if that is the right word I am thinking). Anyway, it was good to return to the one place that held the foundation to so many incredible memories.While I am extremely happy that my family is taking a step forward and finding a new home to build even more memories in, it will never quite be the same for me when I return to visit.

It won’t truly feel like “home” again. I will officially move into that category where I have to say “my parent’s house”. Sure, I will have a room and my stuff in that room to whatever house my family moves to, but it won’t really ever be MY room. Know what I mean?

So with that, in the next couple of weeks, I am definitely going to take advantage of our last Christmas in the Vista De Cielo house.

207/365 Singing In The Sun

It is going to be a great couple of weeks!

Last night we finally decorated the Christmas tree that I bought a couple of days ago. By we, I mean the girls decorated the tree. I sat on the couch and made hot chocolate. By make I mean boil hot water and put a hot chocolate pack in. Mar calls it the Chrismakuh tree because she loves holocaust movies (this is a joke, but not really). Since we are poor, we bought all the ornaments at various cheap places, including Daiso, the best Japanese store in the history of my life. My favorite part of the tree is the fact that we used aluminum kitchen scrubbers as decoration (they are cheap). Also, it is a Blue theme since blue is the official color of 2010. Yes, you are welcome for that vital piece of information concerning the new year. Enjoy the pictures.
Next. Christmas cookies!!!!!
(Oh god I need a gym membership)








Its December so it is time to post Christmas songs.

In 1979, John Denver and the Muppets sang a classic song that will ALWAYS be my favorite Christmas song of all time.

This version, sung in the TV special is ok, especially when Fozzie forgets his lines. But the CD version, which includes Beaker and Honeydew is beyond amazing. I will try my best to find it, to play it over and over at home until my family wants to burn down the Christmas tree.