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Dances like this


Not going to lie. I am a fan of the World Cup.
And a fan of this Shakira song as well. Me Likey.
Don’t judge.

And for those type of people that want to learn the dance, and like to dance when the song comes on (cough Evy cough), they even included an instructional video on the dance.
How nice of them.

“They realized they were lucky – because they could actually see it – how the trees got more beautiful each year…how they danced with such graceful pride, surviving each season’s change…and they knew their beauty lied not in the perfection, but the growth…and they could really see it – in the trees, the people around them, and some days, even in themselves………and so they¬† would dance” – Lind

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I REALLY wish this shot would have come out as I wanted it too. But, alas, it did not. It happens though, no matter how many shots you get or what angles you do, every shot just doesn’t seem to work out.

Definitely one of the stronger lessons you learn in photography. Sometimes out of 300 pictures, you will only find one you are happy with.

Of course, it would suck learning this lesson while you are at a wedding or something. 0_0

It’s been a pretty hectic last couple of weeks, not only was I super extremely sick, but we were also moving. I was supposed to leave the 18th, but now that might be pushed back even more since I am unable to come in March. I was supposed to come down for my sister’s debutante ball, but I am going to Tahoe that same weekend. So to make it up, I figured I should go see her dance at the state competition (Just an FYI Mar if you are reading this). Plus, they still need help getting everything organized at the new house (which I really really like actually).

Anywho, I am finally starting to feel better. I got my second shot today. This one hurt like no other shot I have ever gotten. Who the hell knows what these Mexican doctors are putting in those damn syringes. But it seems to be working.

I can’t stop listening to this song.

I will try not to go to seven bars in one night when I am sick with Mike and Briana.

Andrea starts preparing for her boards soon. She will be missed.

Since no post is good without a picture, here is one to keep you entertained.

Dancing With A Friend