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Ironic that Micah threw up right after this picture was taken?

It was nice visiting my old stomping grounds. And by nice I mean liver crushing.



Katherine and Alex flew down to San Francisco to hang out with the best two people they met in college, Niamh and I. They stayed at my apartment for one night and at Niamh’s place for another. It was a blast. Wedding dress shopping, The Mission, The Castro, House Parties, Good food, and great times. It was a nice goodbye before I said goodbye to San Francisco for two months.

The pictures say a lot (that we are raging alcoholics most likely)







I didn’t really do too much on my actual birthday knowing that I was going to consider Bay to Breakers my actual birthday celebration. Like I said before, there really are no words to explain Bay to Breakers to people who have never been to it. Niamh tried to before we all went, but I had NO IDEA what I was in for. I agree that the only city they could possibly pull this off is San Francisco. The runner’s of the race start first, but after they are done that is when the real crazy show begins. Halloween has nothing on this event. I am pretty sure I called Brian at 9 in the morning yelling at how wasted I was already walking down the streets.

That lady is either really old or corpses are now allowed to participate in the race – Kiernan

It seems like the whole city participates. It really is only around 60,000 people (more than three times the people of my hometown), but it feels like so many more. Looking down the street I just could’t believe the miles and miles of costumed craziness.

Every time I asked someone how I could explain it to friends, everyone told me that I couldn’t, there are no words. The best one I heard was that I should tell my friends its like a 60,000 person themed costumed frat party. The SF GATE has a good story written on this years event.

Only in San Francisco could I sing “Living on a Prayer” next to a giant vagina. – Niamh

Anyway, I will just let you guys look at pictures. It is a long post so check out more pictures after the jump. Also, wanting to keep this Blog rated PG-13 for you minor readers, I have edited the pictures that have naughty bits in them. Enjoy

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I was invited to attend the bachelorette party for the beautiful Monica that is seen above. It was about three guys and three bajillion girls. It was such a great time and I got to meet a lot of great people. See all those cupcakes above? I roundhouse kicked everyone in the face to eat every single one of them. Ok, this is a lie, but I was definitely considering it. I only ate like 4……

So. Obese.

I am officially a fan of Lime. Its a great place, even when I don’t have a Mimosa in my hand.

I stopped two scary looking lesbians to take this picture. Also, this picture could make any shoe fashionista’s head explode.

Bottle service always seems like a good idea.

The above picture proves that it was not. Ugh.

It is blurry because of the light…yes, thats it…The light.

I think they decided on a gay club because they knew they would be hit on all night if they didn’t. I couldn’t imagine going with all these girls to the douchelord land that is the Marina district.

Oh and when they played the following song, I went crazy:

Funny how I try my first Pisco Sour this week; the same week that I booked the tickets to South America. What did I learn? That I need to limit my intake of these if I want to remember what Machu Picchu looks like. Went to celebrate a couple of birthday’s at La Mar in the Embarcadero on Tuesday night. They have a great happy hour, and let me tell you, their food is amazing. Empanadas that made love to my mouth.

Then later that night, in my drunken stupor, I stumbled onto a door on Market Street. As my body hit the door, it opened, I feel through and the door locked behind me. I had no idea what had just happened. I was on the floor in some alleyway with Matt and Marcus on the other side asking if I was OK. I got up, and could not find a door knob. I had turned around and decided to walk down the dark hallway to see where I would end up. Turns out I found a light switch and saw that the door had the knob at the BOTTOM of the door. Who does that?!

Anyway, I got home and noticed that my arm was all bruised and bleeding.

Fuck Pisco Sours.