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Angela is a girl that has been part of my life ever since she was born. It is crazy to think that 18 years have passed and she is now about to graduate from high school. Angela and my sister have been pretty much inseparable since childhood and now they will both be moving to the same city, in the same apartment, undergoing the adventure that is adulthood (even though, at eight years their senior, I still don’t consider myself an adult). Angela is athletic, tall, easy going and absolutely gorgeous. After seeing the pictures I took of my sister and a fellow friend, she asked me if I could do hers as well. The session took place literally a couple of hours after they had finished high school, forever. The light was perfect and after going through the hell that is our local Wal-Mart, it was great to relieve some stress and taking some fantastic pictures. Usually I take a couple of days to finish editing pictures, but considering I have nothing else to do at home and because I was having so much fun doing it, I finished editing her pictures in a couple of hours.

It was hard to choose favorites out of ALL the pictures we took, but here are definitely some of mine:

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Fembots Have Feelings Too

Friend: Do you think you will have problems with guys hitting on your sister in South America?

Me: Um, YEAH. Doubt it will be a problem though. She will cut a fool.

Friend: Well at least you don’t have to worry about anyone hitting on You.

Me: Um, rhymes with Witch.

I’m going to need to pack a taser or/and a samurai sword.

I can't seem to find the words

This girl is absolutely hilarious. Maybe I thought so because she cusses almost as much as I do. I l love the shape of her eyes. After doing her senior portraits, she definitely was comfortable with my style, which made her comfortable behind the lens. Whatever expression I asked her to do, she knew immediately what I wanted. But, in the end, she knew just to have fun with it and she wasn’t nervous in the slightest.

My sister’s friends are ridiculously beautiful.

I'm Taking A Stance, I'm Not Scared to Dance

To The Beat Of My Heart

She was definitely the most self-conscious of the bunch. Looking at the pictures you can’t really see it though. Her smile is ridiculous. I think she laughed the most during this shoot, which proves that she was having a good time.

It is crazy how ridiculously gorgeous my sister’s friends are as well. Looking at these pictures you would never be able to tell that they are all under 18 years old. Good thing I don’t have any more sisters, because I feel like I would get tired really easily chasing all these high school boys with baseball bats.

I wonder if her brother actually does that…

But Now I realise that I'm Only For Me

There Is No Other Place, No One Else I face

Zabrina was the shyest one, by far. She was the last to go because she was really nervous, and didn’t think she would be able to make the expressions I was asking of the girls. Well, she was wrong. While she did ask for guidance at some points, I think the combination of exhaustion (from shooting all day) and her friends cheering her on definitely helped her out in the end.

Her smile is ridiculous, she is beyond gorgeous and if you look closely you can see that she has a form of Heterochromia (when you have two different colored eyes).

Makeup by Nancy of course, because she is Brillz.

I find it funny how much fun I had with these high school girls. Nancy said it best: “Ugh, it was running around for 8 hours and so many pictures, but I want to do it again!”