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Whenever you live in a dorm, you will meet people that you will keep close to you for the rest of your life. I am lucky that I have so many close friends from that one amazing freshman year at the University of Washington. Katherine did live in the same floor as I did, but we didn’t really start getting close until our Sophomore year. After we both made fun of each other’s race, we knew that we would be evil best friends for life. I can’t really be evil with Greg since he is, without at doubt, probably the nicest guy I know. That is a hard title to keep, since I know a lot of nice guys.

After a successful visit in San Francisco and a road trip up to Seattle, Katherine had asked if we could do her engagement session when we were both in Seattle. We picked a day and voila, in true Seattle fashion, it was raining hardcore. It wasn’t going to deter us though, we got some rain gear and stole an umbrella from the University Village (OK Borrowed). There really was no need for it though, because as soon as we got out of the car the rain let up and the sun came down.

It was great. The light was just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I could go on and on writing about these two, but you can just tell from the pictures that they belong together. I have had the honor to laugh with them, party with them, travel the world with them and basically have been blessed to see their relationship blossom to where it is now.

I can’t wait to see the rest.

Congratulations Katherine and Greg!!


Being a monkey in the largest street in the world (apparently). It takes approximately 3 million minutes to cross from one side to the other. That is, if cars don’t hit you on the way across of course. Cynthia has become an expert at crossing the street. Meanwhile, you would think that after surviving crossing the streets in China and Southeast Asia, this would be a cakewalk. Yeah, not so much.

At least there are spots where you can cartwheel.

No amount of words, or pictures, could do Machu Picchu justice.

I will try though, later, since Cynthia and I hardly slept a wink at our first hostel in Buenos Aires.

Our new hostel is %^&*ing amazing.

Hope everyone had a great Independence day back in the States. Ironically our hostel in Peru was playing Independence Day on TV.

Cusco is officially my favorite city in Peru. Although I am completely positive that I am not the only one that shares this sentiment. It was SUCH a welcome change from the hell that was scary hostel Lima. It reminds me a lot of small towns in Europe, with a huge tourist appeal. What do I mean by that? It means that you literally can’t walk two seconds in Cusco without someone offering you a menu to their restaurant, massage services, souvenirs, etc. Seriously, it is kinda overwhelming at times; so overwhelming that I think carrying samurai swords for intimidation should be allowed.

Walking around the town is breathtaking. Literally. Stupid altitude. There are rainbow flags everywhere as well. I had to rub my eyes to remind myself that I wasn’t in the Castro district in San Francisco.

It is definitely safe though and most people spend at least a couple of days here. Our first day we arrived and literally collapsed due to no sleep the night before. It was great walking around the town, getting some food, and having nothing to worry about. It is also nice so you can get adjusted to the altitude as well. (The cafe in front of us plays Lady Gaga, best. cafe. ever.) Another note, I am completely addicted to Coca tea. These are the leaves that is EVERYWHERE to help people fight off altitude sickness. Cynthia and I have overdosed on it a couple of times.

Little girls walk around here with baby alpacas so you can take pictures. Instead I want to grab the alpaca, push the girl away, and steal it. Is this wrong? Well if it is, then baby alpacas should not be so cute.

One of the cheapest finds so far in the city to eat? A Japanese restaurant hidden in an alleyway. Needless to say, Cynthia almost cried tears of joy that she got to eat something other than Chicken, beans and rice.

Second day was full of museums and walking around to see what we wanted to buy as souvenirs when we got back from our two day tour to Macchu Picchu.

Of course, that is another post. I will also do another post on more pictures of Cusco, but now its time to leave the confines of the internet and go exploring some more.

If you are going to die from volcanic eruptions, then you might as well die happy right?

It is just the way it is. When you backpack through a country, you meet some amazing new friends. By the way, Imperial beer can get old really really quickly.

When Cynthia screams, Monkeys hide in fear. No joke.

Our hostel in La Fortuna was one of the best that I have ever stayed it. Arenal Backpackers. I couldn’t recommend it more since I could have stayed there the whole week I was in Costa Rica.

I pretended I was going to hitch a ride to the beach, but it backfired when two cars pulled over thinking I was being serious. Whoops.

Our second hostel had an AMAZING view. I will post pictures of that later, but it also had its own kitchen and living room. It was pretty sweet. Cynthia and I cooked the first night and the second night we had around six people over (fellow travelers) for a huge dinner and wine. It was fantastic.

Not as good as home, but it will do.

Public bus riding.

Cynthia’s first taste of dorm living. It was so incredibly hot during the day, but at night the air conditioner would make the hoste FRIGID. Its a wonder none of us got sick.