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These are the only two things I bought when I was in Manhattan and one of them was free.


It could also be because it was so hot and humid that day in the Flea Market that I contemplated jumping off the Empire State.


What’s the best place to go to after getting drunk at a free happy hour with an open bar and free food? Joe’s Shanghai for dumplings of course!!! After a happy hour with a bunch of MSM students getting their PHDs in Piano in the Upper West Side, we decided that taking the subway all the way down to Chinatown was in our best interests.


I am not going to lie, these were ALMOST as good as the ones that I had when I was actually IN Shanghai. I would tell you how many dumplings we ate throughout the night, but I don’t want you to know how fat we actually are.

Our face says it all doesn’t it?


I am pretty sure we started scaring the staff a bit with our antics.

Lasagna face!!!!!!!!!! (inside joke that is beyond understandable epicness). Probably my favorite picture of the trip, and one that made us laugh till the point of tears.

After we were done we started to walk Chinatown at night, while I did cartwheels. Realizing only after that I probably got all sorts of new diseases and virus from touching the streets with my hands.

I was exhausted and full, but Justin was in town! Never to pass up a drinking opportunity we met up to have a couple of beers. Well that couple turned into more than a couple. Then it became Cinco De Mayo while we were drinking and we may or may not have put tequila down our throats.

The next morning was not pretty.

I love NYC and I love Joe’s Shanghai.

Whatever, I can just tell myself that I am having a fruit salad; only in vodka form -Me

Russian Vodka Room and then drinks at the Flatiron Lounge. Both great bars. I suggest you give them a visit.

Walking Manhattan late at night can be so great. We got really really creeped out by an Art exhibit in Washington Square Park, where human statues adorn various buildings and it looks like people about to jump to their deaths. We also found a great museum as evidenced below.

Then we ate a whole Korean restaurant ourselves at 1 in the morning. So. Obese.

I have had a lot of friends from New York and blog buddies that live there recommend and write about this restaurant in the TriBeCa area called Ninja New York. Seems like a lot of people have been talking it up, so I decided that one of the things I wanted to do when I was in Manhattan was go try it out. The only reservation we could get was at 10:45 pm, THAT’S how popular it is. Regardless of the late reservation, we were all excited.

After the elevator ride where Evy was kicked in the face you go through a dark hallway where Ninjas pop up and try to scare you.(Evan kinda had a heart attack). We were promptly seated and thus began our adventure.

I think everyone should know that these cost 20 dollars…..EACH. Other than this ridiculously overpriced Sake that made us cry, the rest of the dinner may be a tad overpriced, but it is soooo delicious.

The way the food is brought out and laid out to you is really different, fun and awesome. Probably some of the best I have ever seen. This first place came with a SAMURAI SWORD. You are supposed to pull it out of the bowl, having the salad drop into a thing of dry ice. They instruct you to give a loud ninja yell while you pull the sword as well and I did. I think about 40 percent of our meal was lit on fire at the table.

During the meal, the waiters (who are dressed as Ninjas), pop up from time to time and pretend to kill you. Not kidding.

See that little window behind Mama Kory? Well a ninja saw fit to give her a nice little discount (she won some prize) through that window. Using a sword.

Evy scared of her dessert.

Delicious in my belly. More food porn below.


My dessert consisted of them lighting a match and setting me on fire. I am kidding, but not really.

It was such a gorgeous day. Taking a walk, checking out a street market and just overall walking around the park. Also, more proof that Evy is just ridiculously pretty. Making everyone else in the photos looks like monster’s that George Lucas could use in a Star Wars movie. It really was one of those wonderful days. We also went to Ninja New York later that day. That restaurant deserves its own post, trust me. In these pictures you also see the love that is Evy and Joe, which makes me SICK. It doesn’t actually, but I like to pretend it does. Enjoy!!!