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“Every human heartbeat, is a universe of possibilities.”

I finally finished reading Shantaram and I found the quote above particularly inspiring.


Cynthia: It’s crazy to me that I am standing in front of a volcano that is erupting…..

I know Costa Rica has most people coming to enjoy the beautiful beaches, and they are really really beautiful. But, almost every backpacker I talked to has told me that La Fortuna and the surrounding area has been their favorite or at least the funnest spot.

I completely agree.

Hikes, Jungle Tours, Canopy tours, Hot Springs, White-Water Rafting and so many more activities that you can do in that town. I loved it.

Speaking of walking the Jungle, yesterday I was walking in a national park with my sister and this weird branch rubbed up against me. Well, it seems like this branch BURNED my skin. It kinda looked like I was handling something too hot and it fell on my arm. When I went into the ocean, it stung like 10 bees were fighting over one little area on my skin. Lots of cussing occurred.

Jungles are funny…..and scary.

NO ONE does expressions on video chat like my sister does. A lot of my friends think I am super expressive. Well my sister is probably even more expressive than I am.

She also has more hair than I do. Grrrr!

See that huge PROM sign in the back. Well that’s how she was asked to Prom. It says “You had me since day 1, Prom?” I will give you a minute to go vomit at this time. In reality, it was really nice. Considering Evy and I asked each other to Prom during a lunch buffet at a restaurant called China Star. Ha! Cool differs in every generation.

Evy isn’t bad at making expressions on Skype either though. (don’t kill me for this Evy)

This is her before Prom. The fact that she didn’t win queen pisses me off. I mean look at her? GORGEOUS. Probably helped by the fact that the Erica and Angela in the picture are ALSO gorgeous. I mean, the guys pretty much look like trolls next to them.

BUT at least she gets to be a princess for Cinco De Mayo. My reaction in the picture pretty much tells you what I thought about the size of her crown.