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My Christmas Onesie

You know it was a good party when you arrive in an awesome onesie.
It was great to see old friends. Good job Chris, that makes two out of two for wine party awesomeness.

Sorry I have been lacking on the posts.

I have been SUPER busy actually.
Photoshoots, Last minute shopping, getting fat, etc.

Ill try to update more soon.


With My Girls

Halloween this year was, insane. Every year, I do participate on Halloween in some form or another, but not to this extent. Friday, we got tickets to this semi-huge Halloween party in the North Beach Area. By semi-huge I mean like 400 people. I only say semi because that is nothing compared to the Castro extravaganza that we saw on Saturday night. Still, this party on Friday was F-U-N. Tequila shots and a cover band that only plays 80’s music helped. Seriously, this band was so awesome that I want to book them for my sisters wedding in the future.

Just to Be Slutty

Saturday afternoon included a delicious hangover brunch in the Mission and passing out (literally) in Dolores Park and eating ice cream. Later that night, after some much needed R&R, we took a cab down to the Castro.
It was like a crazier Mardi Gras. And what is even crazier is that it is not as big as it used to be, but its still big enough that there needs to be 600 cops and firemen everywhere. So big that it was filled by Asian tourists just taking pictures of the debauchery.
Words can’t really explain it and I am too tired to write, so you will have to just look at pictures and be jealous you weren’t here this weekend.

The whole gallery is on my Flickr account (link on the right sidebar), but some of my favorites are…….

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Bachelor Party Group

The week could really only be described as epic.

If there was one video that perfectly describes the trip.

Other than that.
There are no words to describe the epicness that was this Bachelor Party in Puerto Vallarta.

But pictures will definitely help.

Ill post them when my body is fully recovered.
So in about 5 days.

Brian: You probably shouldn’t go to bed too early though. your body won’t be able to handle the shock
probably best to have a glass wait, no. a bottle of wine, then stay up till 4

Evy’s visit and going away party was AWESOME.

I would stay off the hook, but my sister used that recently and I realized I was too old to say that now.

The weekend consisted of drinking, eating, Capitol Hill Block Party, drinking, eating, playing tourist, drinking, eating, parties, drinking, eating, walking, exploring, new friends, old friends, drinking and eating.

The party was fantastic.
The Keg tapped out at like midnight.
And I can’t believe how many people I saw that I haven’t seen for a while.
Like Tamara!!! HI TAMARA!!!!!! (We were the coolest people in our Freshman Interest Group)

It was so fun.
……and made me sad that I was leaving so many friends behind.

So I made them all promise to visit.
Boo Yeah.

Best Picture Ever
Saturday night, there was a moment where I looked at Brian and told him NOT to punch me in the arm again. They were pretty sore from the immunization shots and the constant punching BEFORE I told him to stop. So what does Mr. Drunkface do? He punches me in the arm again.
So, Awesome Drunk Face (ME) being the composed drunk person that he is, stands up, walks over to Brian…
And hits him as hard as he can across the face.
So hard it knocked him down into the couch.
So hard that his jaw still hurts.

He deserved it in my opinion. Of course, more pictures after the link below. They are a lot, and they are a shit show. You will enjoy them.

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Aubrey Celebrates
Friday night was Aubrey’s second going away party before she moved down to Florida with the old people and hurricanes. Beer Pong, Keg Stands, Jello & Pudding Shots were all contributers. During the party someone walked around with a hammer hitting people in the head…This is not true, but I am sure many of us felt like this did happen the next morning.
Jen: I look like that in a lot of my pictures actually.
Gabe: Pretty….
More pictures after the jump.

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