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I am so backed up on blogging that it really isn’t funny, but oh well, I really have nothing to complain about. Its been a hectic couple of weeks, but a really good couple of weeks. I probably won’t be able to backlog much due to the massive upcoming trip I am going on, but maybe a couple here and there should do.  The picture above is from our second hotel on our road trip up from San Francisco. It actually made really really good waffles. Me Like.

I’m thinking I might not post all the road trip pictures since I am lacking on time. That means no embarrassing road trip pictures like this one:

What is Katherine doing in the picture? Who knows.

Its official. Road trips with good friends is one of the greatest things ever. Also, before you get your panties in a bunch, the driver never EVER drank while driving. Also, the minorities were never allowed behind the wheel, which did not bother me at all.



Katherine and Alex flew down to San Francisco to hang out with the best two people they met in college, Niamh and I. They stayed at my apartment for one night and at Niamh’s place for another. It was a blast. Wedding dress shopping, The Mission, The Castro, House Parties, Good food, and great times. It was a nice goodbye before I said goodbye to San Francisco for two months.

The pictures say a lot (that we are raging alcoholics most likely)







Katherine flew into San Francisco on Friday and in less than 1.5 seconds she had a wedding dress in her hand. Niamh (as MOH) and Katherine had planned to visit a couple of boutiques in the city, but there was no need. She came out in this dress and we literally all gasped. It was just one of those things that had to be done. Random Asian Mom and her Daughter that were trying on dresses themselves agreed. I was definitely not excited that I was brought along on the dress shopping excursion, but I instantly agreed that no other dress will match what she bought.

Still though, lots of wedding talk made me want to chug a bottle of champagne.