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Tfaith 10

Since we are not millionaires, none of us were really able to go to Tfaith and Cornel’s wedding down in South Africa. So of course Tfaith and his family decided that a Seattle reception was in order. This being the main reason I went to Seattle in the first place. I was still the only one to visit them in South Africa, so I win the most awesome friend award just for that alone.

It was such a great weekend because I got to see and hang out with my friends that I consider more like brothers.

Tfaith 1
College would have sucked without these guys.

Tfaith 3
Omid was finally able to do a keg stand that lasted for more than 3 seconds. (the tap was broken)

Tfaith 4

Tfaith 6

Tfaith 8
Omid and I have great taste in shoes.

Tfaith 9
The food was fantastic

Tfaith 7

tFaith 2
South African BFF!!!

Tfaith 5
I like this picture because Tfaith and Cornel are being completely inappropriate.

Tfaith 11
Cornel: I am so excited!! Its a BBQ cooking set!!!!
Us: Do you even have a BBQ grill in DC?
Cornel: No……


I love Seattle. I love my friends. The week leading up to the weekend of Tfaith’s wedding reception was one epic crazy-fest. I miss this city.

Seattle 5

Micah and Gabe
This has got the be the best picture of Micah and I in a long time.

Seattle 3
That motorcycle helmet was worn by too many people that night

Seattle 4
Flannel Twins? I think so. Lots of commentary on this night.

Seattle 12

Seattle 6

Seattle 7

Seattle 14

Seattle 8

Seattle 9

Seattle 10

Seattle 2

Seattle 1

Seattle 13

I am so backed up on blogging that it really isn’t funny, but oh well, I really have nothing to complain about. Its been a hectic couple of weeks, but a really good couple of weeks. I probably won’t be able to backlog much due to the massive upcoming trip I am going on, but maybe a couple here and there should do.  The picture above is from our second hotel on our road trip up from San Francisco. It actually made really really good waffles. Me Like.

I’m thinking I might not post all the road trip pictures since I am lacking on time. That means no embarrassing road trip pictures like this one:

What is Katherine doing in the picture? Who knows.

Its official. Road trips with good friends is one of the greatest things ever. Also, before you get your panties in a bunch, the driver never EVER drank while driving. Also, the minorities were never allowed behind the wheel, which did not bother me at all.

The Rain Is Hard To Miss

Unlike make people, I actually enjoyed the rain in Seattle.

Maybe because it gave us an excuse to stay inside and drink…

Or maybe because it was a welcome relief from growing up in a desert.

Who knows.

Anywho. San Francisco definitely doesn’t make me miss rain.
Its been giving me its strong dose of it recently.

Unlike Seattle though, in San Francisco, when it rains, it clears up pretty quickly.

And its beautiful.

The View is Fantastic