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I realized that I stopped posting pictures from my round the world trip.
I should catch up on that.
But editing takes SO LONG.

But I DID re-edit the video of Southeast Asia that I made.
Brian calls it the remix.
Its just a better song.
Not some rock music in the background.

I suggest your rewatch it again so you can get re-jealous that I went to Southeast Asia.

Or rewatch it for the ending only.
The kids singing “You Are My Sunshine” to me will always hold a special place in this black heart.

Anyway, definitely anticipate more posts on places I didn’t blog about.

Have a good weekend peepz!


136 - Gabe Is Fat.JPG
I ate a lot in Thailand. Because everything was SO GOOD.

109 - Food.JPG
Seriously. SO GOOD

66 - Waffles.JPG
Like these banana wrapped waffles. Drroooooll

118 - Katherine Shopping.JPG
Doesn’t that shirt suite Katherine perfectly?? The Chiang Mai Sunday Market was amazing.

30 - Katherine and Greg.JPG
It took a lot of energy NOT to push them down the stairs.

58 - Greg and Gold.JPG
Katherine wasn’t in the picture because we got tired of her and left her behind.

I don’t think I was allowed to touch it. Screw them all.

I shouldn’t be smiling since there was a huge hole in my crotch.

Of course more fawncy photos of Chiang Mai can be seen here.

You have to take your shoes/sandals off everywhere you go. Resulting in black feet at the end of the day.

Katherine: Does the bandana make me look cool?
Gabriel: Umm…It will be mean of me to say yes.
Katherine: F%^# You

Greg Jump
This was how excited Greg was everywhere for most of the trip. So. Annoying.

Scary Mannequin
Just because it is Deborah’s favorite picture ever….for nightmares

Gabe and Greg
Mmmmmm Tiger Beeer.

I also posted more photos HERE.

I’ve been testing themes out like crazy over at the photo blog so bear with me.

Its fun to edit new themes. Until they makes you throw your computer out the window.

Anywho, I have been updating so check it out.

Hello Chiang Mai
At some place in Chiang Mai that our tour guide took us to. I don’t remember the name. Maybe Katherine does.
I call it white and gold pointy place.

Chiang Mai Cartwheel
If you click and maybe zoom in on the picture somehow, you can see that my shorts ripped mid cartwheel.
I was SO Sad.
Favorite pair of shorts… also sucked walking around showing your crotch to everyone for the rest of the day.

Ripped SHorts
Gabe: Hey Katherine! Can you take a picture of Greg and I?
Katherine: Sure!
(takes picture of my ripped shorts)
Gabe: Bitch.

Tuk Tuk Drinking
And this is how it ends.
On the back of a Tuk Tuk.
Drinking beer.
After an infamous “ping pong” show.

So much to blog about still.
So many memories.
So many stories.
So many friends.
It’s been the most incredible experience so far, and it’s not over.
Africa. Here I come.

(P.S. – If you want to hear a funny story involving these key words: Greg, Patpong, Banana. Please let me know and I shall tell you).