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Its like North America…but South.

Not my best video, since I didn’t really focus much on taking videos..But I definitely get some good ones in there.


Its like I never left Brazil. Everyone has bodies that look like they have done cocaine and pushups their whole lives. Havaianas, sunglasses and cocktails are all I see.

Also, every shirt says “I Am In Miami Bitch” and not because of the LMFAO song, but because its so hot and humid here that every sentence just needs to end with a bitch.

Joe: This is actually nice for Miami. Between the loads of hair gel in this city and the weather, I feel like I live in lucifer’s armpit.

Still though, the city is gorgeous….bitch.

Sorry I haven’t updated. But I am in effing Rio De Janeiro. Updating the blog is the last thing on my mind and the only reason I am doing it now is because I am so incredibly hungover and tired that the only thing I can move is my fingers across my keyboard.

And I have to change hostels in a couple of minutes.

Last night we were in Lapa, where a huge street party is held. Im serious, one that can rival any big night in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. It happens here every Friday just for funsies.

Samba in the clubs. Capoeira in the streets. Extreme alcoholic drinks that cost 2 dollars. = Insanely good fun.

Me: So where did you go to school?
Her: Oh, University of Washington.
Me: ME TOO!!!
Her: FELLOW HUSKY! What year you graduate?
Me: 2006
Her: ME TOO!!!!!!
Me: Did you live in the dorms?
Her: Yeah, Lander and McCarty.
Me: ME TOO!!!!!!!
Her: AHHHHH!!!!!!
Me: AAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Back home soon. Crazy. Almost as crazy as the 40+ hour commute to get there.

  • When we are in a cab and they hear us speak English, they automatically think they can screw us. I can’t tell you how many times we have gone to one place only to find out that when we come back its 10 pesos cheaper. This lets us know that the cab driver who drove us there earlier took the nice LONG way there. Wretched.
  • Although I love it when I catch them. They start to go one way and I ask “Where are you going? Shouldn’t you just take Avenida De Mayo?” Then the cab driver finds out we fully understand Spanish and now he knows that I know he was trying to screw us. Its extremely uncomfortable for him and its a moment I treasure. (This never happened in a cab in Peru since I would just close my eyes and hope that I would survive).
  • Music in cabs is always an adventure. When I am in a new city or town, and riding in a cab, they usually have some local music on. It’s awesome driving around in a new country listening to something that the locals themselves enjoy. What’s not awesome is when they find out you are a foreigner and completely change the music thinking you want to hear it. We spent an good two hours one day in Peru listening to Bob Marley. I never want to hear No Woman No Cry ever again.
  • We rode in a hired cab one day. The car was full and after about three hours we found out there was a teenage girl in the back of the car sitting in a tiny corner next to the luggage. We found out she was the cab drivers daughter and she was forced to sit back there for that long since he wanted his “shuttle” to get full with as many fares as he could get.
  • I think ever cab driver in South America has tried to kill us (or scare us to death) for funsies.
  • In a shuttle to Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica, our new friend Beth (a future medical student at Columbia) was so hungover and car sick from the death defying hairpin cliff turns in Costa Rica that she began to vomit in the shuttle into a trash can. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I hear and see someone vomiting, that also elicits a bad response from me. I was not the only one. When we pulled over almost everyone in the shuttle said that they couldn’t see her vomit or they themselves would vomit. She was forced to sit up front after that. Bad times.
  • Getting in a cab in Lima, Peru is SERIOUSLY a bad decision on your personal safety. I can’t stress this enough. I would gladly go into a Tuk Tuk with a drunk driver in Bangkok then ever take a cab in Lima again.
  • I love that Argentina has metered taxis, which doesn’t require 3 hours of me trying to haggle a fair price to go anywhere.

Anywho, I know this is random post, but It is our last day in Argentina and it is raining and freezing outside so I am bored to death. Cynthia is underneath the blankets in our room refusing to move.

Even if it does rain, I hope Rio is warmer.

Thank you Uruguay. It was like a food Angel coming down from the heavens and licked the inside of my mouth.

It was also a huge piece of steak. I couldn’t even finish half of it.

Speaking of food, Dalina told me right at the start of our two week adventure in Argentina that Buenos Aires has a high percentage of people with Anorexic and Bullemic  problems. I believe it completely. They are so skinny yet all there is to eat here is carbs galore. Bread, Pizza, Empanadas and Pastas; food with such high calories that no wonder they smoke and throw up all the time.

This also tells you that on this trip. I have NOT lost any weight.

Mucho cardio when I get back home for sure.

I know I know that I haven’t updated in a long time, but it is really hard when you are in the middle of a trip such as this one. I am super behind, I know, yet it is really hard to care.

Cynthia and I made it to Buenos Aires, but at a price. Cynthia got extremely ill the first two days. We actually blame it on the airplane food. So just a little FYI, if on a pane trip within South America its probably best to not eat the food. We didn’t do much the first two days in BA since Cynthia was in bed trying to recover.

After a couple of days there though I have made some observations that include the following:

– People from Buenos Aires walk around everyday like they are part of a fashion show in Milan, making most backpackers look like ugly versions of trolls that live under bridges.

– They are very passionate people. They try to argue that everything in Buenos Aires is the best and I enjoy arguing that it is not. They think their pizza is the best in the world and I think its probably the worst I have ever tasten. They also think their pasta is better than Italy, so obviously they have never been to Italy because it is definitely not true. Although, they also argue that their gelato is the best in the world, and this I might have to agree with.

– Watching Las Madres De Plaza De Mayo was extremely emotional, reducing Cynthia to tears. Which is what is great about this trip. Without visiting Argentina or Buenos Aires, she probably would have never even known about the country’s “dirty war” and the thousands that had their human rights violated by the government.

– Zero personal space. I have never sat closer to people than I have in Buenos Aires.

– Lots of wine. Me Likey.

– Walking up and down the widest street in the world (Avenida 9 de Julio) is a lesson in pedestrian safety.

– I have no Idea why it is called Buenos Aires, since there is no clean air anywhere in the city.

– I think 80 percent of the worlds cigaretts are consumed in the city alone. They scoff at the idea of having public places ban smoking, but it is definitely one thing I miss in the United States. I don’t smell like a chimney when I leave a restaurant.

– The guys here have the worst haircuts in the history of the world.

– Its amazing.

More posts and pictures to come. We just arrived to Iguazu after an 18 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires. No worries, the busses here are beyond amazing as I will point out later. It is also currently raining more than I have ever seen in my entire life. Its hard to forget you are in a rainforest here.

Oh, and here is a picture of my sisters super black hair (she dyed it in Palermo) that my parents wanted to see.