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The New San Francisco Ballet Company

Many many more pictures to come. For now, exhaustion and collapse.


The weather this past weekend in San Francisco was absolutely perfect. My friends CT and Daniel were hanging out at the park and I decided to join them for a couple of hours. The amount of people was ridiculous and my only regret was not taking a beer, or six, to enjoy while I sat in the glorious sun.

Daniel brought his Pug, Fergie. Fergie is a while albino pug. The amount of attention a white albino pug will bring is RIDICULOUS.


This guy was walking around selling chocolates from these kettle looking things. The chocolates had a “special” ingredient in them. The stuff that people can get away with at Dolores Park always amazes me.

This guy then rode through the park blasting Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on his huge speakers. The whole park sang along, including the huge Mexican family having a birthday party for a little girl next to us. Awesome.

By being fat:




and hanging out with gay nuns

Also, another hilarious thing that happened this weekend. These three guys from Dallas were in SF for the week and were giving out their cards. While this may be a normal thing for the event they came to, I found it hilarious. I may have been offensive when I saw the card, took it from my friend, laughed out loud and said I needed to take a picture. Good thing they didn’t see that.  Click here for the hilarious-ness.


It was probably not a good idea to go out that night considering I was semi-recovered and had an early AM photoshoot the next day. But after a pitcher of Margaritas and Martini’s at Blondie’s with Katrina, Katie and Elaine, I was feeling a lot better to go meet more girls at a dance club. Weird how alcohol does that.

Anway, it was Anna’s birthday and she decided to have it at Supperclub. What is so awesome about this club? Its not the music (because it SUCKED), but its the fact that its huge and it has Beds all over the place. Yes, beds. Although, a club full of beds and drunk people doesn’t really sound like it would mix well does it?

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With My Girls

Halloween this year was, insane. Every year, I do participate on Halloween in some form or another, but not to this extent. Friday, we got tickets to this semi-huge Halloween party in the North Beach Area. By semi-huge I mean like 400 people. I only say semi because that is nothing compared to the Castro extravaganza that we saw on Saturday night. Still, this party on Friday was F-U-N. Tequila shots and a cover band that only plays 80’s music helped. Seriously, this band was so awesome that I want to book them for my sisters wedding in the future.

Just to Be Slutty

Saturday afternoon included a delicious hangover brunch in the Mission and passing out (literally) in Dolores Park and eating ice cream. Later that night, after some much needed R&R, we took a cab down to the Castro.
It was like a crazier Mardi Gras. And what is even crazier is that it is not as big as it used to be, but its still big enough that there needs to be 600 cops and firemen everywhere. So big that it was filled by Asian tourists just taking pictures of the debauchery.
Words can’t really explain it and I am too tired to write, so you will have to just look at pictures and be jealous you weren’t here this weekend.

The whole gallery is on my Flickr account (link on the right sidebar), but some of my favorites are…….

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