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Welp, finally edited some clips I took while traveling.
Its not fantastic or anything, as I focused mostly on pictures.
But there IS a a clip of me scaring Katherine.
And kids singing to me.
Just watch.


I’ve been testing themes out like crazy over at the photo blog so bear with me.

Its fun to edit new themes. Until they makes you throw your computer out the window.

Anywho, I have been updating so check it out.

Hello Chiang Mai
At some place in Chiang Mai that our tour guide took us to. I don’t remember the name. Maybe Katherine does.
I call it white and gold pointy place.

Chiang Mai Cartwheel
If you click and maybe zoom in on the picture somehow, you can see that my shorts ripped mid cartwheel.
I was SO Sad.
Favorite pair of shorts… also sucked walking around showing your crotch to everyone for the rest of the day.

Ripped SHorts
Gabe: Hey Katherine! Can you take a picture of Greg and I?
Katherine: Sure!
(takes picture of my ripped shorts)
Gabe: Bitch.

Here are some random photos from our first couple of days in Bangkok.

I have updated the other blog with the “fancy” photos.

Bangkok Cartwheel.jpg
The Bangkok Cartwheel of course. I think this is at Wat Pho.

Bangkok Girly Drink
First night girly drink.

Gabe and KD Beer
Beer is good.

Katherine Likes Beer
Gabe and Leo Beer
Actually, Katherine and I drank a lot because that was the only way we could handle each other.

On Bike in Wat
Stealing motorbikes.

Interest in The White Folk
The Asians took an interest in the white folk I travel with.

Stealig Buddha
Getting arrested for trying to steal gold shiny things.

Sexy Traveler
This is how sexy I looked when I traveled.

Drinking in Langa

In the Langa Township, we went to a bar located in the heart of the town. Turns out most bars are owned by women and they brew the beer themselves in these barrels inside the shack.

They put the brewed beer in a big tin can with a handle in order to pass it around. In the picture our host needs to take the first sip in order to prove to everyone sitting around the bar that the beer is not poisonous and won’t hurt you.

The beer was a little sour, but other than that…I drank the most from the tin. No surprise.